Art at Goldstream (2011)

(Note – this is another old post from my previous website. The Nature of Island Artists show happens every other year and was just on during fall of 2015. – Caro, January 2016)

This weekend is the opening of a show I am really excited about: The Nature of Island Artists at Goldstream Nature House.

Art exhibit at Saanich Municipal Hall (2010)

My art is on display in the glass cube display case at the main entrance to Saanich Municipal Hall, October 20 to November 23, 2010. The exhibit features some paintings from the last year, some photography and some brand new pieces I made with linocut printmaking. Hope you can go see the show!



Last Minute Invitation (2010)

Things are a little crazy at  my house right now! My studio is completely packed into boxes. The room is empty, so empty it echoes! We’re moving to Langford at the end of the month. We are really looking forward to enjoying our new home! I think I’m most excited about the yard and all the nature surrounding the place. My new studio will be very nice too. It has a skylight! And two doors that open to the outside! I bet I’ll be doing some outdoor projects too, like papermaking, large mural painting, sculpting and carving. Pretty exciting!