acrylic on canvas painting


Goodbye 2017! It was a really rough year. We had a death in the family. My stepfather Ian Herron passed away from complications of his second bout with cancer in 5 years. He is greatly missed and grieved by many, especially my mom Jean Herron. Then just a couple of weeks after Ian’s passing my sister’s first baby was born, Myles Stengl, a beautiful little boy. Myles is a delight and a challenge and loved very much! Needless to say the family has been through a lot adjusting to major loss and major change happening all at once. We are still in the process…

Botanical Beach

We went to see Botanical beach this summer. The trail down to the beach had some impressive twisted trees that remind me of bonsai. The tidal pools are marvelous! I also spotted some bear poop by a hidden stream running onto the beach.


Fall Harvest (2010)

Hello everyone,

it’s a cool fall day today, bit overcast, not frosty yet, puddles of rain and dew on the grass. I started my day checking on my cat Felix. She is very ill right now and most likely going to pass away, so we’re all sad about that.