Government and Fisgard

pencil on paper

9×12 inches


The following is the original blog posting I wrote after drawing this piece. Dated September 26, 2009.

I just returned home from a successful art adventure downtown for the Local Colour Event. My location was at the corner of Government and Fisgard Street, across the intersection from the Chinatown arch. I was quite comfortable in my chair and thoroughly enjoyed drawing for two hours. It was a new experience for me to sit in such a busy place and stay there, rather than passing through on my way somewhere else. I haven’t really done much outdoor onsite drawing before in an urban setting. I’ve done it in natural places but not downtown. I really loved it! Chinatown and downtown in general have so much to see, many sounds and colours and amazing forms. It was difficult to capture the people and cars because they were all moving so quickly. But the buildings, traffic lights, signs, trees, fire hydrants, restaurants and many other features stayed still for me so I focused on them and added a few people later. Two hours was just enough time to draw one small section of the intersection and one end of the elaborate archway. I’m very pleased with my drawing and I don’t think I’ll use any ink or watercolours on it, just leave it as a pencil rendering.